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KS tool v2.1 crack free download and free use

 Mtk and Qualcomm crack tool.

It is a crack tool released by Mr Kyaw Swar.

It will be able to do all mtk, qualcomm, and will include many functions for model heights.There are two mtk and qualcomm functions. In addition to these, a task that can be done for other android phones will also be included.For Qualcomm phones, testpoint info has been added once, and the flash part will still be able to work.

Since it is a tool released in 2022, it includes many model heights.

It is a good tool for xiaomi phones with many functions. It is a tool that you should not miss because you can select the functions of each model and include details from the network. Some of the included functions are listed below.

Support Model











Support Function





Android Section

-Check Device

-Recovery Mode

-Fastboot Mode

-Download Mode

-Diag Mode -Need Root

-Diag Mode -Xiaomi Only

-Mi (Sideload) Check Info

-Edl Mode

Fastboot Section

-Mi (Fastboot) Check info

-Mi (Download Mode) Fix all model

-Fastboot Reboot

-Mi Fastboot to EDL

-Mi Fastboot To EDL (Unlock)

Service Section

-Sideload Userlock Remove

-EDL Userlock Methood 1

-Fastboot Userlock Remove

-EDL Userlock Method 2

-MTK Userlock (No Data Lose)

-MTK Userlock (Factory Reset)

-MTK Userlock Remove

-Fastboot Frp Method 1

-Fastboot Frp Method 2

-EDL Frp Method 1

-EDL Frp Method 2

-MTK All Frp Remove

-Frp Remove Samsung

-Qualcomm Bootloader Unlock (Choose Model)

-Auth Bypass

-Bootloader Relock

-Mi Account ADB Bypass (ADB Mode)

-Mi Account No Need VPN (EDL 9008)

-MTK Mi Account Bypass

-Oppo/RMX Fix (EDl 9008)

-Redmi DM Fix

Network Unlock

-NV Backup

-NV Restore

-NV Erase


Flashing Section

-Fastboot Flashing

-EDL Flashing

I think it will be quite useful. It's a tool you shouldn't miss, and it's a crack version so you can use it for a lifetime.

File Size - 223.6 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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