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Miracle Meizu tool v2.18 crack free download and free use

Meizu tool crack released by Miracle team.

Meizu MTK and Qualcomm Support Tool.

There are many Meizu models, and the functions related to Meizu are quite perfect.

Since it is a tested tool, it can be used calmly for meizu models.

Since it is a crack tool, the setup file must be installed and used. The virus will need to be disabled.

It's free, so you can use it for a lifetime, and it's a save tool for Meizu phones.

Support Model List

-15 Plus (M1891)

-16TH (M1882)

-16X (M1872)

-M15 (M1871)

-M15 (M1871) New

-M3 Note (L91)

-M3 Note (M91)


-M5 Note (M1621)

-M6S (1712)

-M8 (1813)

-M8 Lite (M1816)

-Meizu 15 Lite

-Meizu 15 (M1881)

-Meizu 16S

-Meizu 16S Pro

-Meizu 16T

-Meizu 16 XS

-Meizu 16 XS (M9260)

-Meizu 17 (M2081)

-Meizu 17 Pro (M2091)

-Meizu 8X

-Meizu E3

-Meizu M10 (M1918)

-Meizu M1E

-Meizu M2 Note

-Meizu M3E

-Meizu M3S

-Meizu M6T

-Meizu M8C

-Meizu Note 8

Meizu Note 9

-Meizu Pro 7 Plus

-Meizu X8





-Noblue 5C

-Noblue 5S

-Noblue A5

-Noblue E

-Noblue E2

-Noblue M1

-Noblue M2

-Noblue M3

-Noblue M5

-Noblue M6

-Noblue Max

-Noblue Note 2

-Noblue Note 6

-Noblue Note3/3

-Noblue Note 5

-Noblue X

-Note 9 (M1923)

-Pro 6

-Pro 6S

-Pro 7 (M1792)

-Pro 7 Plus (M1793)

-Pro 7S (M1792L0



-U30 (M92)

-V8 (M1816)

-V8 Pro (1813)

Support Function List

-meizu userlock remove 

-Factory reset

-frp romove 

-Repair Restaring

-bootloader unlock 

-meizu bootloader relock


-IMEI Rrpai and and function.

That's all, I think it will be very useful for meizu. It is a special tool for meizu phones because it can do everything from flashing.
If mtk, press volume plus or minus and connect usb cable. If it's qualcomm, press volume minus power and connect the usb cable.
The cpu type of the model he will be working on is shown at once, so he will be able to know how to do it at once.

File Size - 95.5 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download 

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