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Miunlock #MHKK free tool 100% crack

It is a tool that can perform many functions for Xiaomi phones. When choosing a model, you can only select the product name, so it is a reliable tool for product name.

Since it's a Qualcomm tool, the options that can be used will be included at once. As described in the tool, you have to select the option and do it, so it is an easy and simple tool.

Support Model List 



















-Sakura (Anti 1)











Support Function

-Remove userlock

-Remove frp lock

-Remove mi account

-Reading device info (Sideload mode)

-Remove userlock (Sideload mode)

-Bypass mi account (adb)

-Read product ( fastboot mode)

It can do quite a lot for Xiaomi, so it's a tool you shouldn't miss.
Since it's a Qualcomm tool, I think it's necessary, so I'm sharing it again.
How to use
-Power off the phone.
-Open the tool.
-Select the function you want to perform.
-After that, turn off the power of the phone, follow the instructions in the options, and connect the USB cable.
-If the tool shows done, disconnect the usb cable and turn on the power.

File Size - 18.5 MB

Fiel Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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