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CICADA ANDROID Tool v1.0 crack setup download

Mtk and qualcomm new model one click tool.

mtk, qualcomm 2022 latest version, so it includes many new model heights. mtk, qualcomm tool, so it is a very convenient tool. mtk includes many new models, and in qualcomm, the new models are listed with device names, so it is a particularly useful tool.

It's still included for Samsung, so it's not wrong if it's a tool you shouldn't miss. For samsung qualcomm, frp account can be removed.

It is a very good tool because it is a new tool that shows the new oppo and realme models that remove the user lock. The included functins The models are listed below.

MTK Function Support List

-ResetPasscode KeepData 1

-ResetPasscode KeepData 2

-Factory Reset

-Unlock Bootloader

-Vivo remove demo

-Backup IMEI

-Huawei Backup OEM info

-Redmi 6A Reset Mi Account (MIUI10)

-Oppo F7 Fix Tool Download Fail

-Read Boot/ Vbmeta

-Mi Account Bypass

-Bypass Auth

-Remove FRP

-Samsung Remove Frp

-Relock Bootloader

-Oppo Remove Demo

-Restore IMEI

-Huawei Write OEM Info

-Fix Unknow Baseband ( Need Backup IMEI)

-Oppo F9 Fix Tool Download Fail

-Restore Boot / Vbmeta

-Factory and Frp

Qualcomm Function Support List

-Oppo A11S (PDVM00)

-Oppo A32 (PDVM00)

-Oppo A33 (CPH 2137)

-Oppo A53 (CPH 2127)

-Oppo A53S (CPH 2139)

-Oppo A53S (CPH 2135)

-Oppo A73 (CPH2099)

-Oppo A74 (CPH 2219)

-Oppo A76 (CPH 2375)

-Oppo A95 (CPH 2365)

-Oppo A96 (CPH2333)

-OppoF17 (CPH2095)

-Reno 4 (CPH2113)

-Reno 5 (CPH2159)

-Reno 6 (CPH2235)

-Reno 7 (CPH 2363)

-Realme X2 Pro (RMX 1931)

-Realme X3 (RMX 2081)

-Realme X3 Pro (RMX2085)

-Realme 6 Pro (RMX2061)

-Realme 7i 9(RMX2103)

-Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170)

-Realme 8 (RMX3081)

-Realme C15(RMX2195)

-Realme C17 (RMX2101)

-Realme 9 (RMX 3521)

Samsung Qualcomm to remove FRP.

I think it will be quite useful. Since it is a crack version, you will be able to use lifttime, and you will need to disable the virus.

File Size - 172.5 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

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