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Meizu M5 Note M1621 signed firmware

 Meizu m5 note userlock removal, whether the logo runs or not. If you are unable to write the normal firmware or encounter an error, try writing the signed firmware. Since it is already tested firmware, it can be used safely.

The problem that occurs is removing the userlock as well as removing the fly me account. If you can't write the normal flashtool firmware, it will be fine to write the signed firmware now.

dload zip file If the official firmware is not available, the best solution will be the signature firmware.

Support Error

-Logo Error fix

-Fly Me logo error fix

-Flashng after touch not working error fix

-Deadboot Fix

-Software Eror Fix

-Virus error fix and another error all fine

Phones that can't write normal firmware must now write firmware.
-Unzip the firmware file.
-Open the flash tool.
-First bypass Auth.
-After doing auth bypass, you have to flash without disconnecting the USB cable. 
Be careful with this.
-Download only and flash
-USB cable must be good. If you have started flashing, you are ready.
-If it doesn't work after auth bypass and flash, if it asks for auth file, add the auth file and flash.
-If there is an error after adding the auth file, uninstall proloader. It will be convenient.

Brand - Meizu


Firmware Type - Flashtool Firmware

Model - M5 Note

Firmware File Size - 599 MB

Auth Fiel Size - 1.6 MB

Meizu Sp Flashtool Download File Size - 30.7 MB

File Password  - No Password / Free

Firmware File Download 

Auth File Download

Meizu Sp Flashtool Download

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