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OPPO A83T & A83 Convert Global By Flashtool Firmware

 OPPO A83T & A83 Convert Globle By Flashtool Firmware 100% Test.

China to Global change firmware.

Since it is an error-free and reliable firmware, I thought it would be useful for friends. When flashing the firmware, the steps are described below. If you do it step by step as described, everything is fine.

This is a firmware for global change of Oppo a83 and 83t phones. Since it is already tested firmware, it can be used safely.

If you want to write the firmware, please select and write it as shown. It is important when choosing a file.

Flash Info

-Open the Zip File

-And then flashtool open

-Choose the Firmware




❌Uncheck 4 tee2

-Click Flash

-Testpoint supporting connect the usb cable

-If the OK line appears and it shows comple, unplug the usb cable.

-And then your phone is all fine.

Need Testpoint

The same  OPPO A83T & OPPO A83 testpoint.

Credit Photo...

Please choose and write according to the points described above. Everything will be fine.
Support Error
-Test Error All Fine
-IMEI Error All Fine

If asked for Auth file, write Auth Bypass first. Do it if you ask, if you don't ask, don't do it.
Download only and write first. If it doesn't work with download only, write with firmware upgrade. Write as needed. Everything is convenient to write with download only.

Brand -Oppo

Model -Oppo A83 and Oppo A83T


File Size - 1.95 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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