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Oppo_Free_Unlock_v1.0 crack free download

Oppo only support tool

It is a very convenient tool for oppo qualcomm.

Since it is a qualcomm tool, it must work with 9008 mode. Sharing because I think it will be useful. qualcomm tool is a rare tool, so you can keep it if you need it. Since it is a crack version, it can be used safely for a lifetime. Some optional functions are still included, so friends can choose and use them.

It is intended to be shared for the convenience of friends who like the Qualcomm tool.

Support Function List


-read info

-master reset

-bypass security

-secrecy 1.5

-enable dia (1)

-enable dia (2)

-auth token D

File size - 8.9 mb

File password - no password/free

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