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Redmi Note 4/4X (Nikel) V9.5 Account-Remove Firmware

 Redmi Note 4/4x (Nikel) MTK rufur came out and the logo fluctuated.

After writing the firmware, after formatting, the logo stops.

The reason for the logo stop is either because the firmware file partiton is incomplete or because of persist partiton.Since it is MTK process, it is convenient to use Sp Flashtool.

If there is a tool error, you can use Nck crack & Miracle Crack.

Because account remove firmware.

No need to format the Protect 2 section again.

Flashing once.Sign In Sign Out 100% Ok.

How To Flash

1. Open the FlashTool.

2. Select the file.

3. Select MTK_Allinone_DA.bin (at download agent).

4. Remove the battery socket and plug it in.

(Mtk preloader comport in MTK port) if it shows.

5. Click Download and run Da and it will be flashing.

6. Done... if it shows success, go ahead 100 finished... !

Although the version is low, since there is no account. Please upgrade.

Mi account is lost ....‼️

Account remove does not load.

You can put it in a dead state. Dead fix support.

                                                                         File Size - 1.55 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

   File Download 

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