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ROM2box V2.6 crack free download

Mtk, qualcomm phones can remove userlock, miaccount, frp account, as well as flashing parts, this is a tool that includes everything.

mtk, qualcomm new models and flash parts can be done in detail, so it is a very good tool.

Since it is a crack version, friends can use it for a lifetime. Can be used calmly.

Since it's a crack version, you need to disable the virus. In addition to the current branded phone models, there are many functions that can be used for other types of android.

Some of the functions that can be performed about these tools are described below.

 Support Brands








and other device support.

Support Function

-userlock remove

-frp account remove

-miaccount bypass

-bootloader unlock

-bootloader relock

-read firmware

-reboot meta mod

-erase oem info

ADB Control

-reboot bootloader 

-reboot system reset

-check info

-uncheck all function

Fastboot Control

-check device

-reboot system

-bootloader unlock (metod 1)

-bootloader unlock (metod 2)

Mediatek Control

-auth disable

-bypass frp

-reboot info meta mod

-bypass userlock/reset

-bypass huawei id

-bypass mi account lock

-erase nvdata nvram

Firmware Flashing

-mtk and quacomm all flash 

-sp flashtool

Other Brand Support Function

-read info

-userlock remove

-frp remove

-check device

and another function so many contains.

File size - 337.1MB

File passwod - no password/ free

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