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Vivo Y55/Y55L Dead fix and Logo Fix Global Firmware Test

 Vivo Y55/Y55L 100% Test Firmware

Vivo Y55/Y55l dead while removing userlock. Whether the logo is running or not. Whether the vibrator vibrates or does not light up. Flash the firmware now whether you want to remove userlock or not.

Since the firmware has already been tested, it can be used with confidence. It's a firmware for reference phones, so I'm sharing it again.

Support Function

-Logo Fix

-Factory reset firmware

-Dead Fix

-Vibrate only Error Fix

-No LCD  onbacklight fix


-Software related Fix

-Bootloop Fix and another error all done.

How to Flash

-First, fully charge the phone.

-Then support Test Point. The USB cable all good need.

-Write with any tool provided by Vivo Support. QFILL TOOL supports.

-Select Rawprogram File. Select Path0. Select Rawprogram File and Zero.

-Once you know the Qualcomm port in the Driver Manager, flash the firmware.

-Once the firmware is flashed, remove the battery and try turning on the device. If Auto Reboot and Flash, the Auto logo will appear.

-If the logo is stuck after flashing the firmware, call recovery and reset. Everything will be fine.

File Size - 1.29GB

File Password - No Password/Free

File Download

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