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AUTO_MTK_PRO_V2.5 Setup Free Download

 MTK Only Support Tool Crack.

It is a very good tool among the mtk tools released in 2022. Since it is a newly released tool, it includes many new models and the functions are quite perfect.

In addition to normal functions, universal functions and driver lists are all added, so it is a very good mtk tool. Every function included can be done with one click and can be used for lifetime.Since it is a crack version, it is necessary to disable the virus.

In the misc tool list, it is a very good new tool because it includes testpoint support and frp account removal functions for Samsung phones. I think it is necessary to share it again. 

Support Model List










Support Function List

-Factory Reset

-Safe Format-(Para)

-Safe Format- (Misc)

-Erase Frp (All MTK)

-Auth Bypass

-Samsung Frp (MTK)

-MTK User Interface

-Vivo Y23E Demo

-Vivo Demo Remove

-Xiaomi Account Erase

-Bootloader Unlock

-Bootloader Relock

Universal MTK Support Model

























-Sony Expera

-Google Pixel

-I Chery









Universal MTK Support Function List

-Format Data

-Erase Frp

-Bootloader Unlock

-Reset Micloud

-Erase NV

-Erase Frp (Samsung)

-Auth Bypass

-Bootloader Relock

-Backup NV

-Restore NV

Support Misc Tool Model List



-Samsung Frp (Testpoint)

-Samsung Frp (MtpMode)


-Device Manager

Support Misc Tool Function List

-Oppo-Reno (CPH/PDV)


-Samsung Frp (Testpoint)

-Samsung frp (Mtp Mode)

-Device Manager

-Driver Qualcomm-MTK

-Driver Usb DKX64

-Driver Samsung

-Driver Hs-USB 9008

-Disable Signature

Fastboot Mode Function Suport

-Read Info 1

-Read Info 2

-Read Info 3

 The included functions are listed below.If you have studied the functions, I think it is enough to guess whether it will be useful/unuseful for your friends.
How to Open
-Extract the Zip file.
-Open Setup.
-Select I accept and click next.
-The pass to be installed has been added.
-Pass the password and install.
-After that, you can start using the tool.

How to Open Video Guidelines

File Size - 244.7 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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