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MTK META Utility V63 Free Download

MTK Only Support Tool Crack
MTK Meta Utility V63 Crack Tool. It is a very powerful tool for MTK phones, and since it is a new version, the functions are quite perfect. I think it will be convenient for Samsung phones because it includes a few functions.
Since MTK Phone only support is provided, it can only be done for MTK Phones. After that, I can do a little work on the firmware file, so I think it will be convenient for friends.
Since it is a crack version, it can be used for a lifetime, and there is no virus, so you can use it safely. The included functions are described below.

Support CPU Model List

  • -MT8765WB
  • -MT8385
  • -MT8183
  • -MT8666
  • -MT6572
  • -MT6580
  • -MT6582
  • -MT6592
  • -MT6595
  • -MT6735
  • -MT6737
  • -MT6739
  • -MT6753
  • -MT6755
  • -MT6750
  • -MT6750M
  • -MT6750T
  • -MT6750S
  • -MT6757
  • -MT6761
  • -MT6762
  • -MT3369
  • -MT8766B
  • -MT6763
  • -MT6765
  • -MT6768
  • -MT6771
  • -MT6779
  • -MT6785
  • -MT6795
  • -MT6797
  • -MT8127
  • -MT8163
  • -MT8516
  • -MT8173
  • -MT8695
  • -MT6873
  • -MT6799
  • -MT8590
  • -MT6781
  • -MT6768
  • -MT6883  
  • -MT6885  
  • -MT6889  
  • -MT6833
  • -MT6853
  • -MT6853V
  • -MT6873 
  • -MT6891Z
  • -MT6893
  • Support Function List
    -Firmware Utils
  • -Ext4 Explorer
  • Brom Function List
    -Disable Auth
    -Dump Preloader
    -Crash Preloader To Brom
    -Reboot META
    -Reboot AT Mode
    -Reboot Factory Mode
    -Reboot Fastboot Mode
    -Write Boot Section (Luno/Boot1)
    -Write User Section (PGPT)
    -Redmi 6A (Cactus) Unlock Bootloader
    -Emmc/Ufs Health Check (Brom)
    -Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Exit Brom
    Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Force Brom
    -LGE New Sec Force Brom (FM)
    -Vivo New Sec Readinfo (FM)
    -Vivo (MT6771/MT6765)Force Brom
    -Vivo (MT6771/MT6765) Exit Brom
    -Vivo (MT6771/MT6765) Remove Demo

  • META Function List

  • -Read META Info
    -Read Part (Meta)
    -Format Part (Meta)
    -Write Part (Meta)
    -Dump MDDB/APDB (Meta)
    -Dump NV Regions (Meta)
    -Dump User Area (Meta)
    -Dump PGPT (Meta)
    -Dump Ext - CSD (Meta)
    -Emmc Health Check (Meta)
    -Factory Reset -Meta
    -Factory Reset -Meta 2
    -Gen Frp Reset PKG (Meta)
    -Read NVRAM (Meta)
    -Wipe NVRAM (Meta)
    -Write NVRAM (Meta)
    -Unlock Netwok (Meta)

  • Android Function List

  • -Read Adb Info
    -Read Fastboot Info
    -Exit Fastboot Mode
    -Xiaomi Enable Diag (ADB)
    -Install APK (Adb)
    -Disable Payjoy APP (ADB)
    -Generic Adb Frp Bypass
    -Generic Fastboot Factory Reset
    -Generic Fastboot Frp Wipe
    -Wipe NVRAM NVDATA (Fastboot)
    -Extract RedMagic (Payload.bin)
  • Extra Function List
    -Huawei Fastboot To Upgrade
    -Huawei Normal To Upgrade
    -Vivo Demo Remove (AT)
    -Vivo Demo Remove (MT6877T)
    -PGPT To Scatter
    -Scatter to PGPT
    -Parse Preloader
    -Parse MTK DA
  • Samsung Function List
    -Samsung MTK Force Brom (DM)
    -Samsung MTK Exit Brom (FM)
    -Samsung SM-G532F Force Brom (FM)
    -SM-A037F KG Locked Force Brom (DM)
    -Samsung MTK Rebuild PMT (DM)
    -Samsung Read Info (DM)
    -Samsung Reboot to (DM)
    -Samsung Active ADB (MTP)
    -Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
    -Samsung Switch (SEC CTRL FLAG) to (-1)
    -Samsung Reset CHIP CFG (HW Re-CFG-RPMB Clear)

  • Firmware Utils Function List
    -Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
    -Extract Huawei Update (MTK)
    -Extract LG Rom (.kdz)
    -Extract MTK Preloader From (Boot1 and UNO)
    -Extract Super IMG)
    -Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)
  • Ext4 Explorer Function List
    -Load Ext4 Image File

How to Use
-Open the tool
-Select the function you want to perform.
-Power off the phone. (There must be a few batteries.)
-After that, press and hold the volume plus and minus power on the phone and connect the usb cable.
-After doing the steps in the Tool, if it shows Done, disconnect the phone's usb cable and turn on the phone's power. May all be well

File Size - 73.4 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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