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OPPO FACTORY MODE V2.0 Crack Free Download

 Oppo Only Support Tool Crack.

This is a 2022 crack tool released only for oppo models. Since it was released in 2022, it will include many new models. It is a very good tool because the models are perfect. Since it is exclusive to oppp, all oppo models will be perfect.

It's a really good tool because it's specially made for unlocking oppo. Special thanks to the teacher.It's a really complete and special tool for oppo, so I'm sharing it again. Since it is a crack tool, it can be used for a lifetime, and it is necessary to disable the virus.

There are many models included, some models are shown below.

Support Oppo Model Function

-Oppo All MTK

-Oppo New Qualcomm

-Oppo Old Quacomm


Support Function

-Erase Frp

-Format Factory

-Oppo Demo remove


-Wipe Data

Oppo All MTK Support Model

-Oppo A11k - CPH2077/CPH2083

-Oppo A5s - CPH1909/CPH1912

-Oppo A16 - CPH2269

-Oppo A39 - CPH1605

-Oppo A83 - CPH1729

-Oppo A31 - CPH 2015/CPH2073

-Oppo A12 - CPH2077/CPH2083

-Oppo A1k - CPH1923

-Oppo A12s - CPH2077

-Opo A15 - CPH2185

-Oppo A15s - CPH2179

-Oppo A3 China - PADT00/PADM00

-Oppo A3 - CPH1837

-Oppo A71-CPH1717

-Oppo A8-PDBM00

-Oppo A9-PCAM10/CPH1938

-Oppo A35-PEFM00

-Oppo A53 5G-PCEM30

-Oppo A53s 5G

-Oppo A54-CPH2236/CPH2239

-Oppo A55 4G-CPH2325

-Oppo A55 5G-PEMM00/PEMM20

-Oppo A91 China -PCPM00/PCEM00

-Oppo A91-CPH2021/CPH2001/PCPM0

-Oppo A7x-PBBM00/PBBT00

-Oppo A72 5G-PDYM20

-Oppo A92s-CPH2065VDF/PDKT00

-Oppo A93-CPH2121

-Oppo A94-CPH2203/CPH2205

-Oppo A95 5G-PELM00

-Oppo A7N-PCDM00

-Oppo A9x-PCEM00/PCET00

-Oppo A77 MTK-CPH1609

-Oppo A1s A1T A1

-Oppo A73 5G Narzo 20 Pro-CPH2161

-Oppo F1s-CPH1601

-Oppo F1 Plus-X9009

-Oppo F3-CPH1609

-Oppo F3 Plus-CPH1613/CPH1611

-Oppo F5 Youth -CPH1723

-Oppo F7 Youth-CPH1819/CPH1821

-Oppo F9 -CPH1823/CPH1825/CPH1881

-Oppo F9 Pro(Test Point)-CPH1823

-Oppo F11 Pro-CPH1969/CPH1987

-Oppo F11-CPH1911

-Oppo F15-CPH2001

-Oppo F17 Pro-CPH2119

-Oppo F19 Pro Plus-CPH2213

-Oppo F19 Pro 5G-CPH2285

-Oppo K7X-PERM00

-Oppo R15 China-CPH1835

-Oppo R15-CPH1835

-Oppo Reno 2F-CPH1989

-Oppo Reno Lite-PCAT10/PCAM10

-Oppo Reno 3-CPH2043

-Oppo Reno Z-CPH1979

-Oppo Reno 2Z-CPH1945/CPH1951

-Oppo Reno 3 Pro-CPH2035/CPH2036

-Oppo Reno3 5G-PDCM00

-Oppo Reno 4F-CPH2209

-Oppo Reno 4Z 5G-CPH2065

-Oppo Reno 4 Lite-CPH2125

-Oppo Reno4 SE-PEAM00/PEAT00

-Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G-CPH2201

-Oppo Reno5 Lite-CPH2205

-Oppo Reno5 F-CPH2217

-Oppo Reno5 Z-CPH2211

-Oppo Reno6 Z 5G-CPH2237

-Oppo Reno6 5G-CPH2251/PEQM00

-Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G-CPH2249/PEPM00

-Oppo A1

Oppo New Qualcomm Model Support List

-Oppo A76(CPH2375)

-Oppo A95(CPH2365)

-Oppo A96(CPH2333)

-Oppo F17(CPH2095)

-Oppo F19(CPH2219)

-Reno 4(CPH2113)

-Reno 5(CPH2159)

-Reno 6(CPH2235)

-Reno 7(CPH2363)

-Oppo A11s(PDVM00)

-Oppo A32(PDVM00)

-Oppo A33(CPH2137)

-Oppo A53s(CPH2139)

-Oppo A53s(CPH2139)

-Oppo A53(CPH2127)

-Oppo A73(CPH2099)

-Oppo A74(CPH2219)

-Realme 7i(RMX2103)

-Realme 8(RMX3081)

-Realme 9(RMX3521)

-Realme C15(RMX2195)

-Realme C17(RMX2101)

-Realme 6 Pro (RMX2061)

-Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170)

-Realme X2 Pro (RMX1931)

-Realme X3 (RMX2081)

-R X3 Super Z (RMX2085) and another model so many contains.

That's all, I think it will be quite useful for friends. It's a really good tool, so I'm sharing it because I think it's necessary.

How to Open

-Unzip the file.

-After extracting the zip, open the tool and keygyan.

-Copy the keygyan to the tool and close it.

-After generating, open the tool again.

-Paste the generated key in place of the tool's activation key and press activate.

File Size - 98.0 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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