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Qualcomm Special Unlock Tool v4.0 Download

Qualcomm Only Special Unlock Tool.
It is a special tool specially made for Qualcomm phones. Why is it called a special tool because with this tool you can remove the lock screen without losing user data.
userdata means all saved files in the phone. For example - images, Music, Video and etc.....
In this modern era, it is seen that people want to delete only one screen lock without losing all the data on the phone. If you want to remove this screen lock in one go, this tool will be convenient. It is named Qualcomm Special Tool because it will only be deleted into a lock on the screen.
Although there are not many brands, the included bands and models can be done with one click. Since it is a Crack Version, you need to disable Windows Defender as usual.The included functions are described below.

Support Model

Support Function List
-Read Pattern Lock
-Reset All Data ( Factory Reset)
-Read Oin Lock
-Reset All Lock Without Data Lost
-Read Password Lock
-Reset All Lock Without Data Lost (Encrypted userdata)

Vivo Support Model
-Vivo R7Plus
-Vivo 5Plus
-Vivo V7
-Vivo V7Plus
-Vivo X3L
-Vivo X7
-Vivo X9L
-Vivo X9Plus
-Vivo X9S Plus
-Vivo X9SL
-Vivo Y13L
-Vivo Y51
-Vivo Y53
-Vivo Y55
-Vivo Y55L
-Vivo Y55S
-Vivo Y65
-Vivo Y66
-Vivo Y66i
-Vivo Y71
-Vivo Y79
-Vivo Y83

Oppo Model List
-Oppo 1206
-Oppo A31C
-Oppo A31T
-Oppo A33F
-Oppo A37
-Oppo A37F
-Oppo A51F
-Oppo A57
-Oppo F1
-Oppo F1Plus-R9
-Oppo N5110
-Oppo N5117
-Oppo N5116
-Oppo N5206
-Oppo N5207
-Oppo N5209
-Oppo R2010
-Oppo R2017
-Oppo R6007
-Oppo R7005
-Oppo R7007
-Oppo R7F
-Oppo R7G
-Oppo R7K
-Oppo R7PlusF
-Oppo R7PlusM
-Oppo R7S
-Oppo R8000
-Oppo R8001
-Oppo R8007
-Oppo R8106
-Oppo R8107
-Oppo R8201
-Oppo R831L
-Oppo R9M
-Oppo R9PlusTM
-Oppo X9000
-Oppo X9007
-Oppo X9070
-Oppo X9077

And then Huawei and Xiaomi models so many contains.There will be a lot of models, but we will mention only two models, Vivo and Oppo. Other models can be viewed by friends by taking Tool Down. Sharing for the purpose of convenience. If you have any problems, you can ask in the comments.
A video has been added in the zip file about how to open the tool.

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File Size - 79.3 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

How to Use
-Select Model
-Power off you phone
-Press Volume Up and Volume Down hold together (or) test point.
-And Then Connected to the USB cable.
-Click Operation.

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