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Redmi 6 Pro (Sakura) Global Firmware Free Download

Redmi 6 Pro Global Firmware. No Need Bootloader Unlock Test Firmware.
Global Firmware for Redmi 6 pro (sakura).
Global Firmware is a global update to use all Google-related applications such as Google play, google, gmail, and chrome. The reason for global rescheduling is to reschedule all applications for error-free and professional use.

If it's a non-global phone, it's difficult to install and it's uncomfortable to use.

When it comes to global appointments, if it's a Qualcomm phone, you have to unlock the bootloader, so it's not easy to write the firmware. In the current firmware, it will be convenient to flash the phone using the testpoint without having to unlock the bootloader.
That's why it's a very good and tested software, so friends can flash it conveniently. When flashing, you can flash with miflash as usual, and you will be able to do it conveniently with other tools.
Miflash and flash are shown.

How to Flash
-Unzip the firmware file.
-Open Miflash.
-Put the firmware file into Local Sisk (D).
-Then select Select on MiFlash and root the firmware.
-Then connect the phone to the test point and connect the usb cable.
-Click Refresh and select Clean All in Miflash after finding the port.
-Click Flash when everything is done.
-It will flash. If everything shows success after flashing, disconnect the phone from the usb cable and turn on the power. May all be well.

File Size - 1.88 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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