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SamFirm_A.i.o_v1.4.3 Free Download

 It is a very good tool to bypass frp removal and flash frp file for samsung phones. Many Samsung models are included and can be done with one click.

Along with these points, it will be included for firmware update check for apple phones, so it is a very good tool.

When uninstalling frp, it can be uninstalled once, and it includes a lot of functions that go into the browser for model heights.

When checking the Samsung update firmware, you have to choose according to the country. It is a really good tool because it contains many functions for Samsung

Some of the functions included in the tools are described below.

Download Firmware Check Info and Region

-Check Update (Manual)

-Check Update (Auto)

Apple Update Firmware Check Info

Model List




Software Tools List

-Software Flash Tools

-USB Dreivers

-Frp Bypass APK

Android Tools Function

-Operations (MTP)

-Operations (ADB)

-Operations (Fastboot)

-ADB/Fastboot (Device Info)

Operations (MTP)

-Read Device Info

-Enter Download Mode

-Exit Download Mode

-Factory Reset

Operations (ADB)

-Read Device Info

-Enable Arabic Language

-Reset Screen Lock

-Reset Frp

Operations (Fastboot)

-Read Device Info

ADB/Fastboot (Device Info)

ADB Reboot 

Fastboot Reboot

ADB Reboot Function

-Reboot to Normal

-Reboot to Recovery

-Reboot to Download

-Reboot to Bootloader

-Reboot to Fastboot

-Reboot to EDL

Fastboot Reboot Function

-Reboot to Normal

-Reboot to Recovery

-Reboot to Bootloader

-Reboot to EDL #1

-Reboot to EDL #2

-Exit Fastboot

FRP Bypass Function

-Bypass Frp (Open Youtube)

-Bypass Frp (Open Maps)

-Play Service Hidden (Galaxy Store)

-Android Hidden Setting (Galaxy Store)

-Internet Browser (Galaxy Store)

-SmartSwitch VIA (Galaxy Store)

-Samsung Pass VIA (Galaxy Store)

-Easy Setting VIA (Galaxy Store)

-Samsung My Files VIA (Galaxy Store)

-File Commander VIA (Galaxy Store)

-Auto Bypass Frp (Method #1)

-Auto Bypass Frp (Method #2)

-Bypass Frp (MTP and Manual)

MTK Auth Bypass loading to scatter file info and Samsung Firmware flashing.

And then another function so many.

That's all, I'm sure it's a really useful tool for Samsung, my friend. Since it's a crack, you can use it with peace of mind, and because it's virus-free, you can safely download and use it.

File Size - 130.1 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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