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SamFw_Tool_v3.31 Latest Version Free Download

Samsung Only Support Crack Tool.

Samfw Tool Latest Version, a really useful and beneficial tool for Samsung phones, has been released. Since it is the latest version, many functions have been included.It's a very complete latest version, so you'll have to be cool with Samaung phones. It is the best tool to remove Frp and it is also a perfect tool for flashing.
It is a reliable tool for errors because it is specially made for Samsung phones. Every function that can be done by Samsung phones can be done with one click from this tool, and because it is allowed to be used for Lifetime, it is very good, so I am sharing it again.
The tool model is a small tool, and although it is small in size, it still contains many functions for Samaung. It is also safe for viruses and a tool that can be used freely. The included functions are described below.

Support Function
-Test Mode
-Download Mode
-Odin Flash

Test Mode Function List
-Remove Frp
-Remove Frp (Aug 2022 Security)
-Factory Reset
-Disable Knox
-Disable Factory Mode

MTP Function Lits
-Open Browser (Youtube)
-Factory Reset
-Enable Secrest Code For Verizon (Beta)

ADB Function List
-ADB Read Full Information
-Remove frp
-Battery Information
-Factory Reset
-Install APK/xAPK/APKs
-Set Language
-Change CSC
-Disable/Enable OTA Update
-Remove Samsung Account
-Delete Bloatwares
-Enable Mobile Data Toggle

Root Function List
-(SU) Remove Screen Lock

Download Mode function List
-Exit Download Mode
-Frp Android 5/6 (Method1)
-Softbrick Fix
-Frp Android 5/6 (Method2)

Odin Flash Function List
-Check MD5
-NAND Erase

Reboot Function List
-MTP Reboot to System
-MTP Reboot to Download mode
-MTP Reboot to Binary mode
-ADB Reboot to System
-ADB Reboot to Download mode
-ADB Reboot to Recovery mode
-ADB to Power off

MISC Function List
-Check Drier Signature Enforcement Status
-Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
-Enable Driver Signature Enforcement
-Install Samsung USB Driver
-Install Visual C++2015

Read Info
-Read info to MTP mode
-Read info to Download mode

File Size - 11.6 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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