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Secret Tool Pro v1.2 Crack Free Download

 MTK And Qualcomm Tool Crack.

It is a special crack tool to remove userlock and frp account for Mtk phones and Qualcomm phones. It's a small tool, but it has a lot of functions. It is a tool that has been developed for Qualcomm phones, so it is a tool that must be kept.

I like Huawei and Samaung models because they are perfect. Friends, I think it will be useful, so I am sharing it.Since it is a crack tool, it can be used for a lifetime, and it does not contain viruses, so you can use it with peace of mind.

It's been a Fri time since it was released, but because it's being updated, I thought it would be useful because it still includes models that people use. The included functions and models are described below.

Support Model List


Support Function List

-Read Info
-Frp Remove
-Factory Reset
-Samsung Account Remoe
-SPD Frp Remove
-Xiaomi Relock Fix
-Enable Diag
-Switch Carrier (Mtk CPU) For Oppo
-Oppo New Enable Diag
-Reboot Recovery
-Fastboot To Normal
-Fastboot To Recovery
-Enable ADB

Samsung Function Support List

-BaseBand Repair (ADB)
-Baseband Repair (Download Mode)
-Emergency Calls Repair (Dwonload Mode ExYnos CPU)
-CP/Modem Repair (ADB)
-Download Mode To Frp (All Model)
Samsung All Model So Many Contains.

Flashing Sections

-Mtk Flashing
-Qualcomm Flashing
-Samsung Flashing

Huawei Function

-Enable ADB (MTB)
-Remove Frp
Huawei Qualcomm  model So Many Contains.

Qualcomm Function List

-Format Data
-Rrp Remove
-Vivo Qualcomm (Format and Frp)
-Oppo Qualcomm (Format and frp)

Oppo Model List

-Oppo A30
-Oppo A33F
-Oppo A33
-Oppo A33M
-Oppo A37f
-Oppo A51f
-Oppo A51w
-Oppo R9S (CPH1607)
-Oppo R9S Plus (CPH1611)
-Oppo F3 Plus (CPH1613)
-Oppo A57 (CPH1701)
-Oppo R11 (CPH1707)
-Oppo F1f
-Oppo R7g
-Oppo R7Plusf
-Oppo R7Plusm
-Oppo R7sf
-Oppo R7sm
-Oppo R7sPlus
-Oppo R9PlusmA
-Oppo R9PlusTM
-Oppo R9PlustmA
-Oppo R9st
-Oppo X9079

Vivo Model List

-V3 MAX PD1523F
-V3 PD1524F
-V5 PLUS PD1624F
-V7 PD1718F
-V7 PLUS PD1708F
-V9 PD1730F
-X5 PRO PD1421F
-X9 PD1616
-Y35 PD1502F
-Y37 PD1503F
-Y51-Y51L PD1510F
-Y53 PD1628F
-Y55S PD16128F
-Y55-Y55L PD1613F
-Y65 PD1621BF
-Y71 PD1731F

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