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BMB Unlock Tool V32 Crack Free Download

MTK and Qualcomm Tool Crack.

Let me introduce a special Crack Tool for MTK and Qualcomm phones. BMB Unlock Team is made from the BMB unlock tool v32. The tool model is small, but many models are supported and supported by models. Because of the recent release, there are many functionality. Models are quite recruiting to make friends useful.
The functions are a lot of functionality, so it's a very comprehensive tool. It is a good tool because it is possible to create a model.
Using is the unzip after the zip file down. It is a very easy tool when it is not setup. The models contain a lot of functions, so the functions are displayed below.

Support Model List
-MTK All
-Flash Rom

Oppo Function Support List
-Read Info
-Erase Frp-Factory Reset
-Metadata-Factory Reset
-Oppo A12-A15-A15s
-Safe Format -MISC
-Relock Bootloader
-Oppo A5S Unlock SIM
-SafeFormat -Para
-Realme C3 Unlock SIM

Vivo Function Support List
-Read Info
-Erase Factory - DEMO
-Unlock Bootloader
-Erase Frp
-Relock Bootloader
-Vivo Y91,Y91C,Y93-MDM-Unlock
-Erase Frp and Factory Reset

Huawei Function Support List
-Read Info
-Erase Huawei ID Step 1
-Erase Huawei ID Step 2
-Erase Huawei ID Step 3
-Unlock Bootloader
-Safe Format
-Relock Bootloader
-Erase Frp and Factory Reset

Samsung Function Support List
-Samsung MTK Erase Frp
-Samsung IMEI Reapir MTK
-Samsung MTP *#0*#
-MDM 2020 J415F Testpoint
-Samsung A025F,A02sU1-U2 Remove MDM Testpoint
-Samsung A015F,A01,U1-U4 Remove MDM Testpoint
-Samsung A11 SM-A115F Remove MDM Testpoint

Infinix Function Support List
-Read Info
-Safeformat -Para
-Unlock Bootloader
-Erase Frp
-Erase Frp and Factory Reset
-Relock Bootloader
-Safeformat _MISC
-Write Flash ROM

MTK Function Support List
-Erase Frp and Factory Reset
-Unlock Bootloader
-Relock Bootloader
-Vivo Enable Brom
-Vivo Bypass Auth Version 9,10,11
-Vivo Erase Demo Version 9,10,11

Flash Rom Function Support List
Flash Romfoder
-Emi Reboot
-Read gpt
Scatter Flash
-Scatter Flash
-Aust Bypass
-Brom Mode

File Size - 559.0 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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