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MKQC V2.0 Setup Free Download

MKQC Setup Free Download.

It is a tool that can be used on Qualcomm phones. Since it is a qualcomm tool, it must work with 9008 mode. It is a very good tool because it contains a lot of funcfion. The setup file must be installed and used. Since it is a crack version, it can be used for a lifetime, and it is necessary to disable the virus. It is a very convenient tool because it can work on many qualcomm phones.
The usageandincludedfunctionsare described below. 

Support Model List
-Oppo Reno
-Huawei Xiaomi

Support Function List
-Adb,Fastboot,Sideload,At,Mtp,Com 1.0,Diag

Unlock Function List
-Wipe Data (Safe Format)
-Wipe Data (Master Clear)
-Format Data Backup (MasterClear)
-Format Data/Cache
-Storage Bootloop/Damage Fix of Userdata
-Reset Frp (Factory Reset Protection)

Xiaomi Account Bypass Function List
-Account Bypass (Can Factory Reset)
-Flash Persist.img of bin (Account Bypass)

Samsung Frp Function List
-Frp Reset (EDL) Factory Reset Protection

Flashing Function List
-Flash 1
-Flash 2 (Rawprogram0 to 5)
-Flash 3(Lun0 to 5)

Backup Function List
-Select Netwok Only
-Clean Userdata (backup)
-Reset Gpt

Adb,Fastboot,Sideload,At,Mtp,Com 1.0,Diag Function List
-Service (Reboot to Mode)
-Xiaomi, Samsung,Huawei
-Mi Cloud (Open Diag Port)
-Disable FindDevice (No Need Root) (ADB Mode)
-FindDevice Disable (Need Root) (ADB Mode)
-Format Data Storage (Sideload Mode)
-Reboot To Fastboot (Bootloader) (Sideload Mode)
-Reboot To Recovery (Sideload Mode)
-Reboot to Normal (Sideload Mode)
-Flash (Fastboot Mode)
-Frp Reset (Bl Unlock Model) (Fastboot Mode)
-Erase Data (Fastboot Mode)
-Format Data (Fastboot Mode)
-SPD (Erase Frp) (Fastboot Mode)
-Reboot To Normal (Fastboot Mode)
-Reboot Edl (Bl Unlock Model) (Fastboot Mode)
-Samsung Device Info (At Function)
-Samsung Check Frp Lock (At Function)
-Samsung Go Download Mode (At Function)
-Samsung Factory Reset (At Function)
-Vivo Clean Demo Lock (MTK) (AT Mode)
-Vivo Factory Reset (Only MTK) (AT Mode)

Diag Port function List
-IMEI Repair
-Write QCN
-Read QCN

COM1.0 Function List
-Bootloader Unlock
-Frp Reset (Bl Unlock Model) (Fastboot Mode)

File Size - 188.8 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download 

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