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Mysterious-Box V5.0 Setup Free Download

MTK And Qualcomm Support Tool Crack.
Let me introduce you to a special Crack Tool for MTK phones and Qualcomm phones. Although the tool model is quite perfect, only low models are supported. Since it has been released for a Fri time, we see that some of the model heights are included.
It has a lot of functions, so it's a very complete tool as well as a very convenient tool to use. It's a good tool because you can select a model to work with.
The way to install is to install the Setup File and use it. In addition, you can flash mtk, qualcomm firmware and remove mi account lock. Since there is no virus, you can use it safely. There are many functions included, so some functions are listed below.

Support Function List
-Frp Killer
-Samsung Advanced

General Function Support List
-Install Google Service Android 8.0 (No-Root)
-Install Google Service Android 9.0 (No-Root)
-Install Google Service Android 10.0 (No-Root)

Fastboot Function Support List
-Frp Lenovo
-Frp Remove Xiaomi
-Frp Remove Huawei
-Frp Remove HTC
-Frp Micro Max
-Frp Universal
-Frp Qualcomm
-Frp PWD Code Huawei

Samsung Function Support List
-Arabic Samsung
-Frp/Samsung Account
-Change CSC
-Enable Diag
-Lock Screen File Maker
-Samsung Command

-Lollipop 5.x.x (Arabic Samsung)
-Marshmallow 6.x.x (Arabic Samsung)
-Nougat 7.x.x (Arabic Samsung)
-Oreo 8.x.x (Arabic Samsung)
-Pie 9.x.x (Old Device) (Arabic Samsung)
-Pie 9.x.x (New Device) (Arabic Samsung)
-Q 10.x.x (Fix Safe Mode After Reboot) (Arabic Samsung)
-11.x.x (Fix Safe Mode After Reboot) (Arabic Samsung)

-Bypass Frp (Step1) (Frp/ Samsung Account )
-Bypass Frp (Step 2) (Frp/ Samsung Account )
-All Samsung Version (General) (Frp/ Samsung Account )

-Unlock Sprint (Root) (Network)
-Unlock T-Mobile Metro PCS (Root) (Network)
-Unlock SIM China Telecom (Root) (Network)
-Unlock SIM China Telecom (Network)
-Fix MIPI in Combination (Network)
-FIX IMEI (Reset EFS) (Network)
-Enagle CDMA S7 And Later (Network)
-Enable CDMA /S7/S7 edge/S8/S8+/Note 8/S9/S9+/Note 9/S10e/S10+/Note 10 (Network)
-Set Count SIM (Double SIM) (Network)
-Downgrade Modem For Device Not Allow Flash Modem To Fix IMEI (Network)

-Android 8.0 (Change CSC)
-Android 9.0 (Change CSC)
-Android 10.0 (Change CSC)
-Change CSC/VZW (General All Samsung Android Version) (Change CSC Via SIM)
-Disable Reboot (General All Samsung Android Version) (Disable Reboot)

-Disable Sim Card is Not From Verzon (Root) (Repairs)
-Disable Sim Card is Not Form Serzion (Without Root) (Repairs)
-Disable Send Security Reports (Root) (Repairs)
-Remove Security Notice (Without Root) (Repairs)
-Fix Checking Device Status Notice (Repairs)
-Enable Data Icon (Repairs)
-Remove Please Call Me (Repairs)
-Fixed USSD Codes (Repairs)
-Enable Unknow Source (Repairs)
-Fixing S-Health Knox Tripped (Repairs)
-Fix Reboot (Boot Loop) {After Root OR Arabic Rom} (Repairs)
-Disable Factory Mode (Repairs)

-Open Hidden Menu VZW (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Skip Lock Screen Old (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Format Port (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Unlock Beta (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Fix 3G Sprint (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Reboot D/L Samsung (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}
-Reboot Recovery (Modem Port) {Samsung Command}

Qualcomm Function Support List
-Firmware Read
-Firmware Flash
-Format Factory (All)
-Remove Frp (All)
-Direct Unlock Network (Beta)
-Fix Baseband Unknow Xiaomi
-Wipe Userdata /Cache
-Remove Vivo Account
-Remove Meizu Account
-Reset EFS
-Remove Oppo Account
-Remove Asus Frp
-Remove Lock Account
-Reboot EDL (Exit EDL Mode)
-Reboot Recovery (Exit EDL Mode)
-Unlock Sprint (Unclock Sim ZTE)
-Unlock MTK (Unclock Sim ZTE)

-Reset Frp (ZTE)
-Format Factory/Wipe Userdata (ZTE)
-FTM Mode To EDL Mode (ZTE)
-Exit EDL (ZTE)

MTK Function Support List
Real and Oppo
-Bypass Auth
-Auto Format
-Step 1
-Step 2
-Last Step/Format

Frp Killer Support Model List
-MTK Cpu

LG Model Support function List
-Unlock SIM
-Tools Port
-Fix Fastboot
-Repair IMEI

Xiaomi Model Support Function List
-Unlock Bootloader
-Format Factory/Mi Account/Frp (Qualcomm and MTK Support)
-Enable DIAG

Oppo Qualcomm Model Support function List
-Remove Frp
-Format Factory

Samsund Advanced Function List
-Frp (Download Mode)
-Screen Lock (Download Mode)
-Knox (ADB Mode)
-Root (Version 4.0 to 5.0)

File Size - 849.5 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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