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Redmi 9 (Lancelot) IMEI Fix File Free Download

Redmi 9 (Lancelot) IMEI Fix File Test Free Download.
I am sharing the Imei fix file for friends who have lost their Redmi 9 phone imei number. Since the file has already been tested, it can be used with confidence.
Imei is a phone identification number. If that number is already in use, you will not be able to make calls on the phone. That's why I'm sharing the file that restores the imei number for the Redmi 9 phone that lost its imei.
Even though the file size is small, it is a file that revises an imei number, so it is a file that you should keep. It's mtk, so if there is a tool called mtk imei fix, it should work. If your redmi 9 imei is missing phone, please advise me to remember this file, friend. May all be well.
It is common for Xiaomi phones to have a lost phone line error. It's like I lost my imei number and can't access the phone line. I have an imei number and there is an error that the phone line is not connected. If the imei number for redmi 9 is lost and the phone line is not connected, flash the file now. It will be convenient.

How to Flash
You can flash with any tool that will support Xiaomi Redmi 9
-Open the Tool
-Unzip the file.
-Then power off the phone.
-Then give the file path.
-Keep as described. No Need Backup NV
-If you have selected the file path, press the volume plus or minus button on the phone and connect the USB cable.
-After connecting the USB cable, if the Tool shows the step-by-step Done, disconnect the USB cable and turn on the phone.

File Size - 125 KB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Downalod

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