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RoM2box V3.1 Latest Version Free Download

MTK and Qualcomm Tool 
Ram2box v3.1 latest version. It is a useful tool because it supports many MTK and Qualcomm phones. Since it is the latest version, many new models have been included as well as many new functions.
In the flashing part, it can work on both mtk and qualcomm phones, and it is a very convenient tool because it includes parts that can read the firmware. If I have to talk about the brand part, there are many brands in the market, so I thought it would be convenient for friends, so I am sharing it again.
Since it is a crack version, it can be used for Lifetime, and it is necessary to disable the virus. Some of the included functions are listed below.

Support Band List
-One Plus
-ZTE and another Band so many contains.

Mediatek function List
-General MTK
-Firmware Flasher
-Firmware Reader
-SP Flash tools
-Other Brands

General MTK Function Tesk List
-Check Info  (ADB Controls)
-Reboot Recovery (ADB Controls)
-Reboot Bootloader (ADB Controls)
-Read Partition Table (ADB Controls)
-Reboot System / Restart (ADB Controls)
-Check Device (Fastboot Controls)
-Reboot System (Fastboot Controls)
-Unlock Bootloader Method 1 (Fastboot Controls)
-Unlock Bootloader Method 2 (Fastboot Controls)
-Unlock Bootloader Method 3 (Fastboot Controls)
-Fix Dm-Verify Corruption (Fastboot Controls)
-Disable Auth (MTK Controls)
-Bypass Frp Lock (MTK Controls)
-Reboot Into Meta Mod (MTK Controls)
-Bypass Userlock/Reset (MTK Controls)
-Bypass Mi Account Lock (MTK Controls)
-Erase NVData NVram (MTK Controls)
-Bypass Huawei ID/Erase OEMinfo (MTK Controls)

MTK MTP Mode Function List
-Disable Auth
-Bypass Frp
-Factory Reset
-Read Firmware
-Reboot Meta Mod
-Read NVram,NVData,NVCnfg
-Read Boot,Recovery, Vbmeta

Firmware Flash and Read Function List
-Only Flash Bin
-Flash any Firmware all Partitions
-Flash a Single Device Partition VIA EDL/Brom
-Read Flash.bin / Full Firmware (50-60 Min)
-Reads Full Firmware Without Userdata (fast) (10-15 Min)
-Read RPMB
-Read Boot.img
-Read vbmeta.img
-Read Recovery.img
-Dump BROM (nvdata working)
-Read nvram,nvdata,nvcnfg
-Read Boot,Recovery,Vbmeta

Service Function List
-Format First
-Unlock Method 1
-Unlock Method 2
-Relock Bootloader (Via EDl/Brom/Preloader)

Other Qualcomm Brand Support List
-One Plus
Choose Model Each.

Support Function
-Erase Frp and Userdata
-Read GPT/Partition File
-Read Firmware
-Read Full Dump Emmc/Ufs (limited Support)

Qualcomm Function List
Firmware Flash and Read
-Read Firmware
-Create Rawprogram
-UserID Bypass/Persist (EMMC Only Flash)
-Frp Bypass/Erase Config (EMMC Only Flash)
-Frp Bypass 2 / Erase Frp (EMMC Only Flash)
-Factory Reset / Userlock Bypass (EMMC Only Flash)

Samsung EDL Mode Function List
-Bypass Frp
-Safe Format
-Read Firmware
-Dump GPT Both Bin
-Exit EDL (Send Power)
-Read Full Dump (Limited)
-Single Rawprogram (Firmware Flash)
-Multiple Rawprogram (Firmware Flash)

Samsung *#0*# Mode Function List
-Android 7.1 To Android 12.1 Frp Bypass Support
-Disable Knox

File Size - 2.19 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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