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TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.0.0 Setup Download

TFT Digital Unlocker Free Tool.
TFT Team is a new Update V1.6.0.0 beta. It is very common because it is revised when it comes to the low version. It is the best tool in the Crack Tools, since all MTK phones can be done.
For the Qualcomm phone, the firmware flash will be available and it is a very good tool because it is a full function of another tool. MTK is supported by all MTK in the market. Because of the latest version, it is a very useful tool that is a very useful tool.
Added to the new update is additional HW Info for apple phones. Therefore, it is a very useful and valuable tool.
It is a very good tool because it has a lot of functions and is quite perfect.
It is a crack version as a result of the update format, so it's a super tool. As a crack version, it is necessary to disable virus. The functions are highly compromised by the function of the function.
Installing is just installed and used to install the Setup file. Crack version and not viruses can be used to be used in peace.

Support Model List

Support Function List

Security Function List
-Erase Frp (BROM)
-Factory Reset (BROM)
-Unlock Bootloader (BROM)
-Relock Bootloader (BROM)
-Factory Reset/Erase Frp (BROM)

Support function List
-Read Info (ADB)
-Erase Frp (ADB)
-Reset Passcode (ADB)
-Xiaomi Anti-Relock (ADB)
-Reset Micloud Method 1 (ADB)
-Reset Micloud Method 2 (ADB)
-Reset Micloud Method 3 (ADB)
-Install Driver (MTP)
-Bypass Frp (MTP)

Fastboot Function List
-Quick Info (GENERIC)
-Erase Frp
-Fastboot Format all
-Fastboot OEM Unlock
-Fastboot OEM Relock
-Read Info (Fastboot)
-Erase Frp (Fastboot)
-Reset MiCloud (Fastboot)
-Factory Reset (Fastboot)
-Unlock Bootloader (Fastboot)
-Relock Bootloader (Fastboot)

ADB Function List
-Quick Info
-Remove Frp
-Remove Pattern

Qualcomm Function List
-All Qualcomm Firmware Flashing

- Improved Qualcomm Read & Write

-  Reset EFS

-  Erase MiCloud

-  Erase Userdata

-  Erase FRP

-  Erase FRP Samsung

- MiCloud Patching

-  Read GPT

-  Dumping Partitoins

-  Format Partitions

-  Erase Misc

Recovery Function List
-Read Info (Sideload Mode)
-Reset/Disable MiCloud (Sideload Mode)
-Erase Frp (Sideload Mode)
-Format Data (Sideload Mode)
-Format Storage (Sideload Mode)
-Wipe Efs (Sideload Mode)
-Wipe Data/Storage (Sideload Mode)
-Shoutdown (Sideload Mode)
-Reboot to EDL (Sideload Mode)
-Xiaomi Disable Update (TWRP)
-Reset Mi Account (TWRP)

New Update Related Fix Function List
Mediatek Function New Related
- [Fixed] - Dumping Partitoins
- [Added] - Format Userdata for new protocol

Samsung Function New Related
- [Added ] - Erase MDM (BROM)
- [Added ] - Backup Imei (BROM)

SPD Function New Related
- [Improved] SPD Communication, Now using USB, comport communication for this protocol now deprecated

iTel Function New Related
- update loader (SPD)

Vivo Function New Related
- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)
- Added Vivo V11 Pro Remove FRP (QC)
- Added Vivo V20 Remove FRP (QC)
- Added Vivo V20I Remove FRP (QC)
- Added Vivo V20S Remove FRP (QC)
- Added Vivo iQOO U1 Remove FRP (QC)
-Fixed] EDL Mode
-Added [EDL] Factory Reset

Xiaomi Function New Related
- Added Erase FRP Sideload Mode with MI Assistant
- Erase FRP Sideload Mode
- Added Following Xiaomi Models in Mi Assistan Mode 

Realme Function New Related
- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)
- Added Realme C30 Remove FRP (SPD)
- Added Realme C11 new loader Remove FRP (SPD)
-[Fixed] SPD Loader

Oppo Function New Related
- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)
 -Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
- Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
- Update [MTP] READ INFO

MTK Function Support List
-brom Windows 7 64BIT supported
-Added CPUID's for Brom Exploit
-Some reported bugs [Fixed]
-[Fixed] Some reported bugs
-[Fixed] No Internet Connection !!
- Fixing Connecting to device to brom
-[+] Fix Boot Info
-[+] Fix some issues

APPLE Function Support List
-Read HW Info
-Disable Factory Reset
-Restore Factory Reset
-Disable OTA Updates+ Factory Reset
-Restore OTA Updates
-Fix Notification
-Backup Passcode
-Erase All
-Restore Backup
-Untithered Bypass (MEID) {No Siginal}
-Untethered Bypass (MEID)
-Hidden Icloud

HUAWEI Function Support List
-Added Backup Oem
-Added Restore Oem
- Added [ADB] Fix Network
- Added [ADB] Remove Demo
 -Added [ADB] Fix Network
- Added [ADB] Remove Demo

Vivo Function Support List
-[Fixed] EDL Mode
-Added Factory Reset
- Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
- Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
- Update [MTP] READ INFO

Xiaomi Function Support List
-Erase FRP Sideload Mode
-Added Following Xiaomi Models in Mi Assistan Mode 

Realme Function Support List
-[Fixed] SPD Loader
- Update Loader [SPD] Realme C11 RMX3231
- Update Loader [SPD] Realme C21Y RMX3261
- Update [MTP] READ INFO

Samsung Function Support Added
- Added [BROM] Backup IMEI

Update Related Function List
-[Fixed] No Internet Connection
- [Fixed] Auto update

SPD Function List
- [Fixed] connecting to the device

MTK Related Function
- [MTK] Added support to reset FRP for more than 2000 supported model
- [MTK] Added support to Reset Screen-lock for more than 2000 supported model using 3 Methods
- [MTK] Added support to format any partition for any supported model manually by the user
-MT6739, MT6739W, MT6750, MT6755,MT6761, MT6762, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6779, MT6873, MT6875
MT6883, MT6885, MT6889 Added New Chip MediaTek Dimensity 1000, Dimensity 1000+,Dimensity 1000C ,Dimensity 1000L
- Added Flash MTK Scatter File 
Tap Securty
- Added Dump Boot
- Added Dump Preloader
- Added Oppo Custom Backup
- Added Backup Room
- Added Read Flash
- Added Read RPMB 

Samsung Related Function
- [Fixed] [EDL] ERASE FRP
- Added Tap Repair
- Added [ROOT] Restoring Orgenal Imei
- Added [ROOT] Fix IMEI Null Baseband Unknow
- Added [ROOT] Patch Certificate
- Added [ROOT] FIX Wifi Forget
- Added [ROOT] Reset EFS
- Added [ROOT] Set SIM Cont single
-Repair ( IMEI1 - IMEI2 - S/N - Wifi )
-Fix Read Root

Spreadtrum Function Support List
- Added [SPD] Flash Full Firmware Pac File
- Added [SPD] Flash Custom Loader Pac File
- Fixing Connecting to device to SPD

Universal Function Support List
- Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
 - Added [BROM] ERASE FRP Mth2
- Update [MTP] READ INFO
Tap Securty
  iTel A11
  iTel A12
  iTel A13
  iTel A14
  iTel A14 Plus
  iTel A14 Max
  iTel A14S
  iTel A16
  iTel A16 Plus
  iTel A20
  iTel A21
  iTel A23 Pro
  iTel A25
  iTel A25 Pro
  iTel A26
  iTel A33
  iTel A36
  iTel A37
  iTel A40
  iTel A41
  iTel A41 Plus
  iTel A42 Plus
  iTel A44 Air
  iTel A44 Power
  iTel A51
  iTel A55 LTE
  iTel A56
  iTel A56 LTE
  iTel A56 Pro
  iTel AC60
  iTel P11
  iTel P12
  iTel P15
  iTel P33
  iTel P33 Plus
  iTel P41
  iTel S15
  iTel S15 Pro
  iTel S16 Pro (Vision 2)
  iTel SA633
  iTel V41
  iTel Vision 1 P36 Play
  iTel Vision 1 P36 Play Pro

Extra Function Support List
-  Auth Bypass
-  crash to Brom
-  Disable Verity / Realme
-  SIM Unlock
-  Fix IMEI
-  Realme / Oppo / Vivo Fix Baseband

Tecno Added Function List
 Added New Model Tecno [SPD] 
Tap Securty
  Tecno Pop 5 Go
  Tecno POP 5X
  Tecno Spark 7

Sideload Method Add Function List
- Redmi Note 9S
- Redmi Note 9 Pro 
- Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
- Redmi Note 10
- Redmi Note 10 Pro
- Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
- Redmi Note 11
- Redmi Note 11S
- Redmi K20
- POCO X3 Pro
- Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 
- Xiaomi Mi 11X
- Xiaomi Mi 10I
- Xiaomi Mi 10T
- Xiaomi Mi 9T
- Xiaomi Mi 10 5G 

File Size - 253.9 MB

File Password and Install Password - TFT

File Download

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