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UML Tool + Activation Key Free Download

MTK and Qualcomm Tool Crack.
It is a tool that supports MTK and Qualcomm phones. The function that is prioritized is the Qualcomm Function. Therefore, it is a very convenient tool for Qualcomm phones. Since there are many models that are currently in use, it is being shared so that friends can use it if they need it.
The main brands included are oppo, vivo, huawei, and xiaomi. It is a special tool for those brands. Regarding MTK, it is a tool that adds a lot of functions to all MTKs, so it is a tool that you should carry. Regarding the Xiaomi account, No Need VPN is a very good tool to use because you can delete the account.
How to use the tool is the setup file, activation key, and the tool must be activated and used. The way to open the tool is to create an Exclusion File in the computer, unzip the Exclusion file, activate it, and use it.
Activating is simple. Open the active key first and click on the activation button. The included functions are described below.

Support All Function List

Main Function Support List
-Model Check (Sideload Mode)
-Userlock Remove (Sideload Mode)
-Reboot (Sideload Mode)
-Model Check (Fastboot Mode)
-Edl Mode {Userlock} (Fastboot Mode)
-Edl Mode (Fastboot Mode)
-Userlock Remove (Fastboot Mode)
-Frp Lock Remove (Fastboot Mode)
-Bootloader Unlock {Old Model} (Fastboot Mode)
-Reboot (Fastboot Mode)
-Recovery (Fastboot Mode Flash Partiton)
-Boot (Fastboot Mode Flash Partiton)
-Check Device (ADB Mode)
-Mi Account Bypass (ADB Mode)
-Fix DM Verification

Qualcomm Function Support List
-{9008 Mode) Factory Reset (Can Choose Model)
-{9008 Mode) Frp lock (Can Choose Model)

MTK Function Support List
-Factory Reset
-Erase Frp All MTK
-Erase Frp (Samsung)
-Mi Acc Temp Bypass
-Unlock Bootloader
-Relock Bootloader
-Remove Demo (Oppo,Realme)
-Remove Demo (Vivo)
-Remove Huawei ID
-Permenently Unlock
-Remove ID (Oppo,Relame)
-Safe Format (Keep Data)
-Authentication Bypass

Huawei Function Support List
-Block0 Flasher (9008 Mode)
-Update App Extract

Xiaomi Function Support List
-Mi Acc Bypass (Can Choose Model)
-Fastboot Flashing
-Mi Acc Bypass No Need VPN (Can Choose Model)
-Frp Lock Remove (Can Choose Model)

File Size - 278.0 MB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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