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Xiaomi Mi 5X (Tiffany) Logo Fix Global Firmware

Xiaomi Mi 5X (Tiffany) Logo Fix Global Firmware Test Free Download
For those who are having trouble due to various errors for Xiaomi Mi 5X (Tiffany) phones, we are sharing the firmware.
Either uploading the firmware or unlocking it
To be careful.
Just one mistake and the phone can go dead. Logo
It can stop.. (dead or logo Stop error)
Recovery Mode cannot be called
If you unlock from Fastboot, the logo will stop.
It will show tissot in the product name. It is actually Mi A1
However, when I loaded the tissot firmware, it went dead
will be (Mi 5X Product Name is tiffany).
Dead or logo stopped
(tiffany stable firmware) Reload.
After reloading the firmware, some of them are Home
It can be returned, but some of the logos are stuck
Often. (How many firmware changes)
It is often the case that the logo is still standing.
In this situation, a tool is used
Flash full firmware again. If the logo is still standing
Flash back to a file persist.img file from the firmware
Give it to me. It will be convenient.
imei will be clicked..
There are two ways here
Efs backup File (fsg . modemst 1 . modemst 2)
If you flash them, you can get imei back, and some of them
can't. It will be convenient to inject qcn instead
If necessary, you can download the files.
I have already tried it myself.
Logo error is quite common for Xiaomi Mi 5X (tiffany) phones. When there is a logo error, there is rarely a convenient firmware. As for the current firmware, it is very convenient for Xiaomi Mi 5X and can work with dead phones, so I think it will be useful for friends.When writing the firmware, it's simple, and it's a firmware that's convenient to just flash with a normal Miflash. In addition, the firmware file is provided for free, so you can download it freely.

Support Error List
-Logo Fix
-Global Fix
-Bootloop Fix
-Dead Fix
-IMEI Error Fix
-Vibrate only Error fix
-Touch Screen Error Fix
and another error so many supports.

How To Flash
-Open The Miflash
-Unzip th firmware file
-Power off your phone. (There must be a few batteries.)
-Then give the firmware file path in Miflash.
-Enter phone 9008 mode and connect USB cable.
-Then find the port in Miflash and once you know the port, click Flash.
-Wait for a while and if Miflash shows Success, disconnect the phone's USB cable and turn on the phone's power. Be comfortable.

Test Point

Firmware File Size - 2.11 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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