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Xiaomi Redmi 5A (riva) Logo Fix Firmware Free Download

Redmi 5A (riva) Global Firmware Test.
This is a tested firmware for Redmi 5A (riva) phone. Most redmi (5A) phones have an error with the logo running. If the phone is running the logo, check the product name first. If the product name is already (riva), it will be convenient if you flash the firmware via miflash.
If the product name is correct, flash it. It will be convenient because it has only been tested. In this firmware, not only the logo error, but other errors can be handled conveniently, so I believe it will be useful for friends. When flashing the firmware, it is a Qualcomm type, so you have to enter 9008 mode and flash it.
It is a really useful firmware for redmi 5A(riva) phone, so it is shared for the convenience of friends. May all be well.
The way flash will work is described in detail below.

Firmware Support Error List
-Logo Fix
-Dead Fix
-Bootloop Error Fix
-Glogal Change Support
-Vibrate Only Error Fix
-App has stopped Error Fix

Redmi 5A (riva) Testpoint

How to Flash
-Extract firmware file zip.
-Open miflash.
-Then flash the firmware in miflash.
-Power off the phone, enter 9008 mode and connect the USB cable.
-After that, refresh in miflash and start flashing if you know the firmware port.
-Wait for a while and if it shows success, remove the battery and power on the phone.

File Size - 1.85 GB

File Password - No Password / Free

File Download

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